Slim Beauty Knot Braid To Mono

10 Jan 2015 The ‘lim beauty knot' was lower on my list for line to line knots. How to tie the Slim Beauty knot for tarpon and big game fishing. This knot came out of the Key West area in the 1990’ as an innovative means of tying tippets or leaders to the main line.

28 Aug 2015 One of the most important connections in fishing is between your mono ( fluorocarbon) leader and mainline braid. Advantages: The Slim Beauty is used to join braided to mono as well as small diameters to large diameters. There are many hundreds of knots published in books and&nbsp. It is also an effective way to join slippery braided&nbsp. It is a versatile knot which is relatively easy to learn and&nbsp. It has rapidly become a very popular knot due to its strength, low profile and the fact it is easy to learn. That being said&nbsp. Slim Beauty Knot. It’ called the slim.

– 50 sec – Uploaded by lovefishingaustraliaQuickest Way to Tie the FG Knot (The Strongest Braid to Leader Fishing Knot) – Duration: 5. – 3 min – Uploaded by Club Marine TVPaul Worsteling shares his favourite knot for tying mono leader to braid. – 4 min – Uploaded by Saltwater ExperienceOriginated by Tom Rowland and Simon Becker, the Slim Beauty knot has spread like wildfire. How to tie the Slim Beauty Knot.

Get it wrong and you will either see you busting off on decent fish or watching your expensive lures on a one-way flight to the horizon. – 3 minPaul Worsteling shares his favourite knot for tying mono leader to braid. The fact that you have to thread the braid through two very small holes in the leader’ tightened granny knot makes this one very tough to tie in low light conditions, and the strength of it was not quite as high as the others as well. Simon Becker describes using as few as three turns outwards and two turns coming back in. Other writers describe using up to about ten turns in each direction.

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